Silver plated kettle teapot

I have an antique kettle teapot it think is Silver electroplated. Does anyone know the mark like a shield with ‘R’ and looks like and lower cse ‘e’ pr ‘a’ in the bottom left hand side of the shield mark. Would appreciate if anyone knows.

Many thanks.IMG_3718%5B1%5D IMG_3721%5B1%5D IMG_3719%5B1%5D

The mark you are asking about is most likely the initial of the original owner and has nothing to do with the manufacturer. A manufacturer’s mark would normally be found on the base. If there is nothing there then identification and dating will not be possible.


Many thanks for your help.


Phil I sent another question about this kettle today, 31.05.2020. You sent out a message today, after receiving my query, saying that if anyone has any answers differnt to the one you answered in 2019, please reply. Hoever my queryies today are different to the one sent in 2019. It is different to the original question sent in 2019/. If you can, please could you reply.

As your query is different you may very well get additional information but I needed to let people know that some information had already been put forward. Maybe I could have phrased it as “this subject” rather than “this question”.