Silver-plated Teapot - How old is it and who made it?

Hi all,

I am new here and I need some help to identify a teapot. I recently bought it at an antiques market. I know it is not really worth anything (I paid about 5 quid), and I just bought it for decoration. The seller really couldn’t tell me anything. I am not even entirely sure that it was silver plate originally.

I assume this is pewter, am I right?

I couldn’t really find out much about the hallmarks. Britanoid seems to be the Barker brothers, and since it is not marked EPS or something I assume it is pre-1894(?).

On the bottom it is marked “Electro Britanoid” in a round seal, 7485, 2 pint, and has a mark that looks a bit like a bunny’s head. In addition, somebody has scratched something on the bottom (A621 and ww/L2520).

Could anybody tell me, what these marks mean?

Any idea how old it might be?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Have not seen that mark before.
Britanoid was a trademark of Barker Brothers of Birmingham. Maybe it’s their mark? … te-marks-B

I couldn’t find anything on that mark either. But I am no expert at all. Any suggestions where I might find pictures of silver/pewter marks?

Would you agree that this is (formerly) silver-plated pewter?

And any idea on the age?