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Silver pocket watch hallmarks question....any ideas?

Any help with this would be appreciated. I don’t know, and can read only the second row of marks, a 2, a cross on a short pedestel, and then a 1 lying on its side. The top row could be a circle with a line through it or it also resembles a M with something else in front of it…there could be two watchmaker repair initials.

Here is a link to a photo of the hallmark and the watch. … 170_rs.jpg

The marks are on the inside back cover of a center second verge pocket watch. The Smithsonian told me it was continental…or European? I haven’t a clue, I only know that iit is very old according to my watchmaker friend.

Thanks very much.

“Very old” is a subjective term and not much help! To me that infers something earlier than 1850. I collect silver pocket watches and would be surprised if yours was much earlier than around 1880 as it has a centre second hand. Can you post a photo of the watch face as it would help give it a period? There should be other marks on other parts of the case too. The ones you post aren’t much to go on.