Silver pocket watch markings

Could anyone help me identify some marking on my Grandfathers pocket watch please?
I believe the " Lion" is the hallmark for London but I can’t find any reference to the Shield below and to the left or the significance of the number “16” beside it.
Is the “F” in the shield, to the right, a date stamp of 1881 or a designation that it was of a Foreign make.
I think that the “RJP” mark is of Robert John Pike of Coventry (1879 to 1886), can you confirm please?
Kind Regards
Dave Potter

The lion (“lion passant”) is the symbol for sterling silver and the lion’s head (“leopard’s head uncrowned”) in the shield below is the London mark. The letter F is the date code for 1881/82. “16” has no documented significance, but may be the private mark of the workman who actually made or finished the watch case. RJP is as you suggest Robert John Pike.


Thankyou Phil, that’s much appreciated. I’m giving this watch to my own grandson and it is nice to be able to add a bit of history to it.