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Silver Pocket Watch Sponsor Mark Identification

Good Evening Every One,

Need help in identifying Sponsor Mark on a Cooke and Kelvey pocket watch.I was able to date the watch to 1885 and the town sponsor mark to London but am not able to find out find the sponsor mark " AN ".

Could some one please help me with identifying the mark. In case I am wrong with my observations please do let me know.

Kind Regards,

IMG20191008105055 IMG20191008105127 IMG20191008105140

AN is Alexis Nicole, in 1885 registered at 7 Carlisle Street, Soho, London.

Any chance of a better picture? - I would love to include the mark in my listings of makers’ marks


Dear Sir,

Thank you for the information.Please find the images as desired by you.

In case you require a much better image please do let me know.

I am also interested in know more about the movement maker in case you could have any idea about the same.The movement states " Patented 3 d 1883.
Kind regards,

Thanks for the extra pictures. For some information on Cooke & Kelvey see here:

Tank you for the information.I would also seek some information about another pocket watch which is once again a Giant Cooke and Kelvey pocket watch…I do not have any information about the movement manufacturer but there are inscriptions on the case back which has an image of a BROAD ARROW-GTD AND 248 Inscribed on it.Images for your reference.


I think that you would get more response from a watch collectors’ forum. There are several out there - search for “watch collector forum”. It is not my area of interest so I cannot recommend which one to try.