Silver prices

I just noticed on the business channel that the price of silver is now over $45 US per troy oz. Is it getting to be time to melt down grandma’s silver?

Uncle Vic

At the risk of sounding pretentious I hope that most of us take the responsibility of silver ownership seriously and remember that we are just temporary guardians of (in my case) small pieces of art.

However, I’m sure we all probably have something that we could consign to the melting pot. In my case it’s some damaged spoons which have accumulated over the years of putting together a set of table silverware. Although they have Georgian period hallmarks they are unusable for various reasons such as dents, splits and severe tip wear.

I’m another newbie. True, the spot prices of silver are down 20-25 percent from back in April, but who can say for the future? I like the observation that some of us are “temporary guardians…of pieces of art”. Decent, attractive silver pieces, solid or plate, that have held their own for many decades deserve to live on and grace another generation’s tables (or collection shelves). Just my sentiments. :smiley: }

Just a prediction…Recently silver prices have dropped dramatically…great time to buy, this dip in prices is temporary…and quite frankly, does not make a whole lot of sense.

Ed Meyer

I’m a sucker for silver

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