Silver Purse Marks Help - Please

Looking for any help with identifying the origins of this purse, There were some notes in the box that the piece was in; 12-25-22 christmas, For Mary may 31, 1948, The box says J.E. Caldwell ( last 2 L’s missing ) Box has patent date on hinges of Dec 17, 67 ( I am assuming that means 1867 ) The piece came out of the Philadelphia area.

In the 3rd photo to the right one can see 3 crowns (?). It is characteristic for the Swedish silver. However, it should be accompanied by the year letter/cypher as well as the letter S meaning silver proof but it is not. I am afraid it is not much help.


Thank you George!

Would you have an educated guess on age even without the cypher? As you can tell I am not a silver person, but there seem to be one heck of a lot of marks on all the components of this piece.



I don’t think that 3 crowns mark is a Swedish one - compare with the examples here. However there is a Dutch mark for .833 standard silver (lion passant over 2 in a hexagon). This style was used from 1814 to 1953. But there should also be a Minerva head in a circular punch - I have no idea why it might not be there. The mark on the far left in the third picture is a date code and may be 1891. You can check for yourself here.

I don’t know what all of the other marks are.


I agree that there is the Dutch mark. I have not noticed it because it is upside down.