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Silver Quaich Cup

I have recently acquired a small silver quaich cup. It is 115mm in diameter and approx 50mm high. It is quite heavy (approx 9oz’s) with beautiful dragons embosed around the rim. The hallmark has a small “JR” followed by an anchor, lion and then the letter"N".
Can anyone help me identify the maker and the rest of the hallmark . I really appreciate any help anyone can give me.

It sounds like a Birmingham hallmark, but N (assuming you mean N rather than n) could be 1937, 1962 or 1987. The shape of the punch and style of lettering allows us to work out which year is correct. the same comment also applies to the JR maker’s mark. So a picture of the hallmark is essential to allow us to tell you any more.

Many thanks for your reply. I have attached a photo of the hallmark.

I can confirm that this is a Birmingham hallmark with a date of 1937. JR is James Ramsay of Dundee.

Thank you very much for your response. Would James Ramsay have bought the quaich from a Birmingham factory and put his own mark on it?

It is possible, but Ramsay was a silversmith in his own right and registered marks in Glasgow, London and Sheffield too, so I think it more likely that he, or at least his company, would have made it himself/themselves.

Thanks again for your time. Is there much interest in silver quaich dishes of this age and do you have any idea of what the value would be (bearing in mind it is about 9oz’s in weight)? I apologise for my lack of knowledge but this is a subject I am keen to learn more about.

Based on completed eBay auctions your quaich could be worth around £200. Note that the scrap price of 9 oz of sterling silver is currently about £150.

Hi Jason,
I am of Scottisch descent and would be interested in buying your quaich if you are willing to sell.

Hello TechCanuck,
I would be interested in selling the silver quaich (obviously for the right price). I have seen similar quaichs in specialist silver retailers for around £350 but I am obviously open to offers.
Many thanks