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Silver ring hallmark ID


Can any one help me id this hallmark… I found this silver ring in a forest in glasgow scotland about 10 ins down… T J S P a lion, castle, and a C , thank you for trying…


Well maybe I am missing something but the city mark certainly looks British, Exeter. Cant really tell if the " c" is large or small but certainly not later than 1879. This looks rather easy to identify and I am wondering why no one on this site has done so. Perhaps I AM missing something, besides being clueless regarding the makers mark. Hope this helped at least a bit.


Ok now I am seeing more of the problem here. The lion rampant is a mark from Glascow but the city mark isnt. City mark could be Exeter or Edinburgh and of course that is critical to determine the date. Sorry if I caused any confusion. ill look around some more but i guess we need some of the real experts here to chime in.


Ok lets try this… in 1975 Edinburgh changed its standard mark to the lion rampant, thus being the same as Glascow. So we have a the Edinburgh mark ( really does look a good bit like Exeter ), lion rampant standard indicating 1974 or later thus the letter date must be a capital C for 1977. SO THERE. :smiley:


Thomas James Steel Plenderleith TJSP is the maker, Kelso, Roxburghshire TD5 7SN worked from 1975 to 1986 … /view_form