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silver ring

I have found a sterling silver mens ring. I believe may have been made in 1750, in the city of Edinburgh. Makers mark is AW. Possibly Andrew Wilke? Most records show that he had not yet been born at the time I think this piece was made. But I kept searching, and in Scotland birth and baptism records I found a record of an Andrew Wilkie born 1718. What do you think?[/b]

We need an image of the hallmark before we can make any judgement. How certain are you that the date is 1750? I note that there are similar date letters for 1951 and 1995 which strike me as being much more likely dates for a hallmarked silver ring.

Here are some photos of the ring. I will try to get better ones.
Sterling silver ring (500x281).jpg
AW makers mark pic 3 (500x281).jpg
AW makers mark pic 1 (500x281).jpg

Here is the birth and baptism record for someone by that name around the time I think it was made. I would love to find out where the ring originated.
AW makers mark pic 1 (500x281).jpg
silver ring 1 (500x281).jpg
Andrew Wilkie birth and baptism record Scotland (500x313).jpg

I can see immediately that the hallmark is of completely the wrong form for 1750. This link shows sample Edinburgh hallmarks for all years which used the letter V.

Blowing your picture up to double size I can just make out that the first part of the hallmark (after AW) is a lion rampant. This means that, if the date letter is V, it dates from 1995 and it fits nicely with the form of the sponsor’s mark as an identical “AW” mark was registered at the Edinburgh Assay Office in September 1980 by a company called Ringstones, the partners of which were Alan & Eileen Wilkie. The company was described as “manufacturing jewellers” but, from their name, it wouldn’t be too much of a presumption to guess that they specialised in rings. Ringstones are listed in a telephone directory at 114 Dumbarton Road, Glasgow.

The registration was renewed in 1990 in Alan Wilkie’s name using the same mark. It lapsed in 2000 so I presume the business is no longer in operation. Google Street View shows a bridal gown shop at that address now.