Silver Salt & Pepper Shakers

I picked up a set of Salt & Pepper shakers at the markets and wondered of their origin and value. I have seen them in your site before. So I copied the same pictures. They are silver with Armada written on the bottom with hallmars A1 and one of them is a ship and a few others which u can see in the photo. Can u please (if u know) get back to me and let mw know. Thank u.
Michelle Leth
Armada 1.jpg

never seen marks but A1 is always relate to plate and not silver (in what I have seen/learned)

But have you “stolen” the Picture of mark? In general that is a bad idea. Marks might look similar but might not be exact same…

I note that you have taken your pictures from this thread. As my colleague hose_dk suggests, it is always best to post your own pictures in case what might appear to be minor variations are actually significant. As I am sure you have read the response to the previous query you will be aware that these items are electroplate. There is therefore no intrinsic value to them. In addition they probably have very little age so I suggest that they have utility and/or decorative value only.