Silver? Sauce ladle

Can anyone help me identify these marks? H.T (in an oval) E (in a circle) AI (in an oval)

The best i can do is Hubert Thornhill, London. i have no idea on the date. i do think it is silver and not plate. there are no ware marks. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks


Your ladle is electroplate - A1 was often used on electroplate as an indication of quality (at least in the manufacturer’s opinion). I am not familiar with this mark but it could still be by Thornhills as companies which made both solid and plated items did sometimes use the same mark on both sorts of item.

Hi, thanks alot for the reply. Do you have any idea on the date? I usume the letter E is the date but i cant compare it to any other. unless the E is for Electroplate. cheers

It’s highly unlikely that the E is a date code (although not impossible). Very few platers (with the notable exception of Elkingtons) date-coded their items. I suggest that you are probably right in saying that the E stands for Electroplate.

thanks alot for the help.