Silver serving Dish

I recently purchased what I believe to be some type of serving dish. It is marked on the bottom with ___HEFFIELD SILVER, EPC enclosed in boxes individually, the number 268, and the number 989-09-2717, It has a lid that opens with the thumb and a very ornate handle. There is a rearing horse with tongue extended (may be a griffin) with six oblong circles underneath, every other one of the circles has cross hatches. There is a wooden handle affixed. I haven’t a clue what the purpose of this item is, and would appreciate any insight anyone can provide. It looks like someone may have used it to store crayons at one time. Thank you for any help you can provide. (I don’t have a good picture of this item.) Once I have one, I will add it. Thanks.

From the use of the word Sheffield (and I’m sure that’s what it should say) I suspect that this is an American piece. I don’t recognise the trademark, but EPC most likely stands for ElectroPlate on Copper. A picture together with some details of the its dimensions would give us more chance of telling you what its purpose is/was.

Yes, after I posted last time, I remembered I hadn’t included the dimensions. It is oval shaped approximately 8" long and 4.5" from front to back. Here is a pic. Hopefully you will be able to tell something from this. Thanks. for your help.