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Silver Set from the old Park Ave Hotel in NYC

I was wondering if someone could help me. I was just cleaning out my parents house in NY and I have come across this tea set from the old Park Ave Hotel in NYC. I was wondering if you would know how I can find out the value of this set. I have attached images of the set that show some markings on the bottom of one of the items. I have also taken a shot of what I am assuming is the hotels crest.

I would appreciate if you can send me in the direction of someone who could help me here on Long Island NY.

Sorry I don’t know anyone in LI, but in case it will help with your further research, the marks show this to be by the Gorham Manufacturing Co, a good quality maker. They used a date code on holloware (non-cutlery), so if you can make out the small marks to the sides (I could not) you would have a year of production. If it is an acorn, for example, it is 1924.
The E P means it is made of a base metal electro-plated with silver, so its material value is nominal. But there may be collectors of hotel silver plate…it looks like an attractive, complete set; check ebay and for similar pieces. Location identity, i.e. the hotel, can add some emotional value. Collectors like information, but the key is condition as, though hotelware is often a good quality because the purchaser knew it would be used often, that use increased wear on the thin layer of silver, and dents, scratches, etc.
I’m an amateur but love good design, so I hope that a more knowledgable participant of this site also answers you. Good luck.


Thanks for your information. The symbol was a sward, and it has the crest with the anchor in it so I believe that indicated the 20th century. I looked on a website that has a key for the symbols and from that key this set was manufactured in 1917.

Again, many thanks for helping me start identifying this set.