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Silver set looking for help identifiy its value

Hello, I really dont know what I am talking about here but was looking for some guidance and help. We inherited a giant flatware set, with Nixon and sons and georgian house markings on them. Havent got a clue about it. if anyone here could point me! in the right direction that would be great

As I hope you have realised, these are electroplated and not silver. There is therefore no intrinsic value due to silver content. And I assume that writing “Nixon” and not “Dixon” was a typing mistake!

When thinking about values my first port of call is always Ebay’s “Sold” listings. I actually found an identical set to yours there (the seller called the pattern “Dubarry” by the way) but I was unable to see how much it had sold for as a best offer was accepted. Other 12-place setting sets are selling for 150-350GBP. You will almost certainly find that demand in your area will lead to variations in prices paid but they should not be too different.