Silver snuffbox hallmarks

Hi folks

I was left a silver snuffbox by my grandmother which i think originally belonged to her father and was looking to see if anyone could help me out even though I cannot get a clear picture of the hallmarks because they are quite small.

On the front lip of the box:
A small letter n
An oval with the letters SP
An anchor

On the inside of the lid
A head, or an object similar to that shape
Another SP but not in an oval
A lion

I know there isnt a lot to go on here but any help would be appreciated.


A small letter n - year several n possible. Type of N is importent.
An oval with the letters SP - maker difficult without picture (like the n)
An anchor - city Birmingham

On the inside of the lid
A head, Tax mark used 1785 to 1890, problem is that without picture difficult to guess which tax mark.
Another SP but not in an oval - again maker
A lion - lion passant = english silver mark.

From your description I would suggest that the box is most likely by Samuel Pemberton with a Birmingham 1811 hallmark. However, without a picture it is not possible to be certain.

I have managed to get a couple of half decent photos guys.

Shot at 2011-12-22

Shot at 2011-12-22

Not really clear enough, but I’m much more confident of my attribution - just can’t make out the date letter, but I’m happy to go with your reading of it being “n”.