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silver souvenir spoon

i have got a silver spoon from seattle. Made by makers’MB’ with a spade and pickfork pictorial mark. I wondered if this was a collectors peice or a mass produced spoon? And further more, if people collect these at all.

Hi there CharityCollector and welcome back. Not sure of the maker without a photo, but may be the Meriden Britannia Co. of Meriden, Connecticut.

American souvenir spoons were made by the millions in the early to mid-20th century and sold everywhere. Most were sterling silver. Poeple collected them to the point of a fad. Today they are almost gone from the souvenir stands at tourist destinations. Collectors still abound and there are a number of active collector’s clubs around.

We have a diverse set that has been passed down in my family and use them with demitasse coffee, a ritual which is still popular here in the Southern U.S.


Uncle Vic

after some research i can confirm it being joeseph mayer & bros. Its a nice item i picked it up for £5, so its about retail value perhaps? Thanks again uncle vic.

It is certainly worth that at least.

Uncle Vic