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Silver spoon 800. German? Italian? Please help to decipher

Please help me to identify the country of production of this silver spoon. German hallmarks usually contain a “сrescent and crown” and Italian usually are in an oval. Would be grateful if you could help! Thank you!

There are no other marks? French 2nd quality silver is 800, but there would normally be two marks in the “bowl” of the fork below the tines, one on each side, and I’ve never seen French silver marked with the 800 before, though this pattern does have a sort of French look. Quite a few countries did make 800 silver. But, without any country mark it might be pretty difficult to figure this one out.


Thanks a lot for your help! I actually managed to finally identify it myself. It appeared to be Belgium (there are no other marks than DB and 800 - neither in the “bowl” nor elsewhere). “DB” stands for De Bist, ‘Manufacture de couverts & d’orfèverie argent’ from Mechelen (Malines) Belgium, first half of XX cent. De Bist was known for producing silver in the Louis XVI style.


Good work, and that makes a lot of sense!