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Silver Spoon Hallmarks identification

Hello I hope my pictures have uploaded if so could somebody identify the hallmarks and possibly identify what type of spoon this is. It is just over 125mm long the round bowl is 44mm wide. It has a nice weight in the hand
Thank you in advance

That is a Sheffield hallmark for 1997 and BP is R B (Brett) Payne. I would suggest that the spoon is a caddy spoon.


Thank you so much Phil that is so interesting to know it led me to look up his name and I found his website and beautiful and unusual silverware. I very much appreciate you taking the time to reply to me so quickly. I bought the spoon with a load of other bits of cutlery for practically nothing, I think it was abroad somewhere and had given it to my sister one Christmas as a quirky gift. I paid no attention to its pedigree as she liked breakfast/tea things and it seemed to fit the bill. It lived in her cutlery draw unused unnoticed until I found it again when she passed away. It then lived in my cutlery draw in the same way till one day I actually looked at its tarnished surface cleaned it (badly) and only then really appreciated its design and weight. It has that hand crafted feel and I love its simplicity. You have filled in the missing piece of the puzzle Thanks again Patrick

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