Silver spoon identification

Hi I’ve got a silver spoon that I found I was just wondering if anyone could date it for me and give a little information about the piece

many thanks

The first thing that I need to tell you about this spoon is that it is not silver. The Old English letters after “A1” are E and P which shows that the spoon is electroplated; this is a process in which an extremely thin layer of pure silver is deposited via an electrochemical process on a base metal, frequently a pewter-like white metal alloy. “A1” is used by electroplaters to designate their best quality plating. The manufacturer of the spoon is a company called Daniel & Arter who were based in Birmingham. They were in business c1880 - c1930 and the spoon could date from any time in this period.


Thanks so much for your information on spoon

Thanks to give this info