SIlver Spoon


We just had a wall removed and found an old silver spoon buried in it (it was an old rubble filled wall dating back to approx 1860-70)

I’d really like to find out how old the spoon is but am having real trouble with the hallmarks. I am posting a photo, but the marks are quite worn and all the pictures I have taken so far aren’t great.

It looks like There are 5 marks in a line as follows:

  1. an oval with the initials K/E R (the K/E is not clear)
  2. a circle with an ampersand in it
  3. a square (with rounded corners) with an ‘s’ in it (there is a line that runs through the s top right to bottom left)
  4. a shield (shaped like a Blue Peter badge) with what looks like a crown in it
  5. a similar mark to (1) but on its side.

I know this is probably a terrible description but I really dont have any idea where to start. Could anyone point me in the right direction?

Also, the spoon was badly rusted/tarnished. I have given it a gentle clean but am not sure how best to look after it now.

Thanks for your time

sppon resized again.jpg

Dear Poppet,
The marks on your spoon belong to the maker JOHN ROUND & SON they were active between the years 1863 - 1897
the next mark is a gothic crown signifying SHEFFIELD, and the last mark is EP which signifies that your spoon is not silver, but Electro-Plated,

I hope that helps you


Thanks so mcuh, Harry, this is very interesting.

Since it is electro-plated, is there anything specific I should use to clean it up?


Hi Natasha,
Can’t really see much in the foto, it’s possible that the base metal has oxidised over the years and eaten through some of its plating. I suggest that you take it to somebody who can study it “LIVE” and give you the appropriate advice.

All the best

Harry Hood