Silver Spoon

We have inherited a silver spoon which is 9 inches long of which the round part is 2 inches and flat bottomed. Can anyone help to identify what it would be used for? Also the Hall-Mark is well rubbed but a photo is attached. I think it may be American. I would be grateful if anyone can help.

Many thanks
Antique Spoon Silver MarkC.jpg

Paul - thanks for joining us. Does not look American to me. Almost all American sterling after about 1870 will have the word “sterling” or the numbers “925” over “1000” on the item. The cross-hatch mark on the left looks similar to that of William Hutton & Sons, Ltd of Sheffield, UK. The Hutton mark is actually three arrows in a cross hatch pattern, but my book does not show the other marks.

How about it readers? Help?

Uncle Vic