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Silver Spoons in case


Hello, I’d like to understand the approx value of these spoons before I even contemplate using them for a dinner party. All I know is that they have been in my family for at least 40 years. They were made by J. Cameron & Son Kilmarnock. - Watch makers to the Admiralty.
They bear the symbols A&D followed by what looks like a crossed out S and then what looks to be a sand timer.

Any help gratefully received and I promise I will not be putting these in the dishwasher


Your spoons are electroplated and not silver. in addition Cameron of Kilmarnock is not the maker, only the retailer. It was normal for a retailer to put his own label inside a presentation box of this sort. The manufacturer was Allen & Darwin (hence A&D) of Sheffield. The “crossed out S” is actually a gothic letter S and simply stands for Sheffield, the town of manufacture. The value is not going to be huge, maybe a few tens of pounds so do please use and enjoy them. A good quality silver polish should keep them looking bright, but don’t overdo the polishing because of the danger of ruining the plating and, as you have guessed, the dishwasher is an absolute NO.