silver tankard 1931 any value??

hi, in a box of old car boot stuff i found a sterling silver tankard. it is hall marked with a crown a lion facing the left (all feet on the ground) and the lowercase letter “n” it also has PPM Co stamped next to the hallmark. the tankard has a glass bottom. there are a few dints around the top and the bottom of the tankard however it has retained its shape.
it appears to have been clean with a harsh cloth of some sort as there is fine scratches on the tankard.

the Tankard is engraved with the wording "presented to the officers R.A.S.C Feltham by Capt M.M. Simpson 1931"i cannot load pictures onto my pc at present, and i know how difficult it will be for anyone to give me any sort of value without seeing at least a picture but if anyone at all can give me some sort of idea i would be very gratefull, i am wanting to sell the item as i have no use for it and am not a collector of silver, i just dont want to be sold short!!

many thanks