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Silver tankard or cup

Hi, I have this small cup/ tankard that I need to know what the markings mean and a rough value of the piece, also how do I find out how pure its silver is? thanks Bev

This is a London hallmark for the assay year 1922/23. The lion mark (lion passant) guarantees the sterling silver standard (.925) as the testing was carried out by an independent body. The sponsor’s mark RWB is that of Harrods Ltd, a London retail store. I was careful to call this mark a “sponsor’s mark” rather than “maker’s mark” as in this case the store would have contracted the manufacture to another company.

You don’t mention the size of this mug but you should be able to work out an approximate value by checking out Ebay’s “Sold” listings for similar items.


Thank you Phil, I will measure the mug and let you know. This information is very useful to me and I really appreciate your help.