Silver Tatevin (tastevin) - Fench Minerva Hallmark?

I was hoping to get some help on this tatevin (wine tasting cup) I picked up recently. It is french, manufacture after 1934, when the order of the Confrerie des Chevaliers du Tastevins was restored under it’s current name.

The single hallmarks shows an ‘E’ and an ‘S’ surrounding what I believe is the Minerva head, with the letter ‘Ste’ above the head, and what looks like the letters ‘t t’ below.
tastevin hallmark.JPG

Hi there,

I’m pretty sure your tastevin is silver-plated. The minerva mark isn’t combined with the maker’s mark, it was stamped separately as the guarantee of quality. Also, maker’s marks on solid silver were in a lozenge (diamond), whereas the silverplated makers were in squares.