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Silver Tea/coffee set

Hello, Can anyone help me identify this hallmark. Sorry the photo is not too good, actually I believe it is upside down!. I believe it says : - EPNS AI with the ‘H’ above (or below) Thank you in advance

EPNS = Electroplated Nickel Silver and the “A1” is commonly used on electroplate to indicate that the manufacturer would like you to think it is good quality. The H may be a pointer to the manufacturer; alternatively it may indicate a pattern. In any case it is practically impossible to say where, when or by whom this was made.

Thank you for your response. What a shame it is not possible to know where it came from, who made it and when. However, it has been given to me by a well loved aunty and before that belonged to my grandmother. I can remember her using it around 40+ years ago. I will continue to enjoy viewing it, though probably unlikely to use it.