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Silver Tea Service Possibly Ivory Parts? Please Help ID

Hello, Thank you for looking at a teaservice of my aunties.

We were wondering if anybody could tell us a bit more about it. It has been passed down through the family over at least two generations we know of, it is in photographs of family in Victorian dress.

We were offered £1,000.00 for it last week by a person who came to look at my aunties house last week (t is for sale). We said that it wasn’t for sale. They were also interested in her dinner service and another silver teapot on a stand with an oil lamp below it.

My auntie is surprised that it is worth possibly £1,000.00, so I thought I would ask here if she has been given a good price or not.

I have post a picture of the teapot on a stand separately.

Thank you again.

The tea service is sterling silver and was made by Atkin Brothers of Sheffield. The hallmark shows that it was assayed in Sheffield in the assay year 1894/1895 and the design registration number 251095 was issued in 1895.

My feeling is that £1000 would be a very good price for the 3 pieces in this tea service. Based on current selling prices on eBay I would not expect to get much more than £500. You do not quote a total weight but you should also bear in mind scrap value when assessing possible values. A search on the net for “scrap silver calculator” will give you several sites where you can calculate the value. Remember that sterling silver is .925 fineness.