Silver Tea Service

I have a complete silver tea service that I would like some opinions on the value and how to sell. I was told it is better to sell it for the silver content based on the market price than to sell it as a collectible. Does anyone have input on this? Also, should it be cleaned or left as is to keep the value? I am new to all this, as this was a “storage find”.
See picture below.
IMG_1266 (2).jpg

Check out completed auctions on Ebay to see what similar tea services have actually sold for. Then use an online scrap silver calculator to work out the scrap value, remembering to use the silver standard of your items (e.g. .925 for sterling) and see what is best for you. Finally be absolutely sure that it really is silver - I say this as you do not show any evidence of silver content.

Thank you for the info on the scrap silver calculator. I just don’t have the info with me on the type of silver.

Post a picture of the marks and we’ll try to help. Note that if there are no marks then it’s probably not silver.

On the bottom of the pieces is Handcrafted-International Silver Company-Meridian Connecticut.

Unfortunately that means it’s electroplated and not silver. I note an identical set (#351335805088) on Ebay at a Buy-It-Now price of $49.99 - and it’s still waiting for a buyer at that price.