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Silver tea set value - Storr style


My friend is about to purchase a Sterling Silver teaset from a local retailer. We checked the hallmakrs and believe it to be the genuine thing. They are asking 2000 Euros for it, however we wish to check how much it is really worth. I appreciate your feedback.

It was made by James Dixon in the style of Paul Storr. The set weighs approximately 85 ozs. She loves the design.

The coffee pot is 24 cm in height
The tea pot is 17 cm in height
The sugar bowl is 9 cm in height
And the cream jug is 10 cm in height

I am attaching some pictures.

Thank you for your help.


My immediate reaction is that 2000 euros is far too much to pay. 20th century 4-piece tea services are selling on the well-known auction site for £500 - £600. Allowing extra for the quality of this service and with the inevitable retailer’s mark up I would not expect to pay more than £1000 (approx 1200 euros) for it. However, having said this, if your friend really loves it, then money is immaterial.

Please note that I am not an expert in valuation - the above is based only on observation and my instincts as a lover of silver.

I’d agree from the other side of the Atlantic that 2000 Euros is far too high. Sterling tea sets are not very popular to the market at this time. I recently purchased a six peice American sterling tea and coffee set by a good maker in a popular design for $1,800.


Uncle Vic

I have been monitoring the auction sites, and concurr with your views.
I found the real mccoy at with an identical design valued at USD 80,000.

Alas silvermakersmarks is right though, she loves the thing and I think she will go for it.

Thank you all for your feedback.