Silver Tea Set

My husband and I have some silver items that we are interested in selling. One of them is a tea set. Does anyone know where the best place to sell it would be? What it’s worth? I think it’s scottish, but I cant figure out the date.[/b]
500hallmarks on bottom clear.jpg
500_handle with ivory.jpg
500_beauty shot tea set.jpg

Yes, it’s Scottish. The hallmark is Edinburgh 1840 and the maker is Leonard Urquhart.

I suggest that you look at eBay and watch a few auctions close, check out completed auctions, etc. Although you will not find an exact match to your tea service you should find something which will allow comparison. If you do decide to sell on eBay make sure that your description is full and accurate and that your photos are clear and meaningful without being too large - you seem to have made a very good job of the pictures posted here.

Thank you so much for the information!