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Silver teapot identification an advice

Hi I have this silver Halmarked teapot I have no idea what the markings mean and the quality of silver it has. I would really appreciate some advice, and any value it may have. Thanks so much. Regards Bev

Hard Soldered is another term for silver-plate. Not sure of the value, but you might look in the sold section of eBay for silver-plated teapots. I’m guessing it’s not hugely valuable.

I am sorry to have to tell you that your teapot is not silver. The manufacturer, WH&S, is William Hutton & Sons of Sheffield. The next 2 marks are BP which stand for Britannia Plate, so the composition is electroplate on Britannia metal. The latter is a base metal like pewter and electroplating is an electrochemical process which deposits a microscopically thin layer of pure silver onto the base metal. The teapot therefore has no intrinsic value but may have some utility value. Perhaps you might like to use it yourself?


Hi Phil, thank you so much, I am so glad that I have you and this group to turn to for advise and guidance, it is of such great value to me, I am learning such a lot from you historical and what these markings mean. Thanks I really appreciate it.