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Silver that I need to identify

I have a few pieces of silverplate I a trying to identify and get a value on. been having trouble photoing marks, even without flash. going to try natural light. Will list what I have here

silverplate is generally not worth alot, but the pitchers with no markings may be silver… Middle eastern and some export silver were sometimes not marked silver. But theres no way to tell, unless tested.

Thank you for info. Do you know of way to test if silver or a kit avaialable. drives me crazy that people have scratch it 20 x

easiest way is a magnet, if it sticks, then its not silver. The other way is like you say. Scratch it. there are kits on ebay for a small amount of money, look for one with a ‘touchstone’, as it help not ruin the peice too much. They use acid, so be very careful.

So a magnet will then stick to any type of silver plate? I heading to library later try and get some more knowledge… I believe I have many all silver plate but it still all little confusing

most if not all silverplate is easily determined with a magnet. ‘old sheffield plate’ is a sought after type of silverplate as it wasnt done like ‘EPNS’ is nowadays. Your library will provide great information