Silver Thimble

Pretty sure its silver at least but not much else i’m afraid.

Just don’t know really how to date it.

The E.F ? I’m thinking thats just an initials engraving ? or am i wrong , this the maker.

The ‘’ .S " I tried searching for that but couldnt find anything about that , was there another letter before the .S? rubbed away maybe.

The " 12 " is it a 12 , is it just the size?

Any help would be gratefully received , many thanks.


Yes it’s sterling silver, assayed in Birmingham (anchor) in 1898 (letter y). The S is part of the maker’s mark and I would guess that it’s probably J.S for James Swann, a well-known maker of thimbles. 12 is the size (although I didn’t think 12 was a valid size) and E·F are most probably the owner’s initials.

Thats great thank you very much for that.

Yes looks like a 12 to me anyway , wonder if other people have come across this size , perhaps its rare?

that little peice of silver is worth more than its scrap value! Surprisingly people pay alot for silver thimbles, i dont see the fascination. Theyre well made and decorated but id rather have a huge jug of some sort. I would like this on though as i want a nice victorian peice of silver. Excuse my long winded rant :smiley: