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Silver Tray markings

Please help me identify the maker of this tray and any info you may have on age. Sorry photo posts upside down. I believe it is silver plate, but not sure. It has three shields on the back with drawings inside; 1/castle, 2/ “W” with an arrow in the middle, and 3/ crown.

This mark crops up occasionally (here for example) but has not been identified. There is a variant which is almost certainly the same company. See here.


I do appreciate your responding. I have searched the internet endlessly and found what you have and another item hallmark the same as mine, but still with no information. I guess it will remain a mystery. I assume it is plated, but is there a possibility that it could be 925 and just not marked because it is vintage? Have you ever see that happen before? It is pretty heavy. Thanks again, ~Kris

The chances of it being unmarked sterling are vanishingly small. Don’t give up hope of getting an identification…