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Silver Tray with Coins set into it

I have recently got passed on a silver tray about 6" x 4" . It has coins imbedded in it from 1787. some of these say georgIVS II and some of them say georgIVS III.

I’ve been told that it is solid silver. Made in 1881-2…London…by Francis Boone Thomas. It incorporates georgian silver coins

Any valuations would be fantastic

its been very well looked after! The hallmarks are extremely clear and the info youve been told is true.
The coins look like florins, tough im no expert in coins, they could be crowns.
Value? Its hard to say, £30 - £80 easily! If the coins are desirable then the value increases, also if the maker is sought after you are getting more money.
My estimations are not to be taken literally. With no research into coins and maker, its simply a price i would expect to pay. Any one else have any ideas?

The coins are silver shillings if that helps