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silver tray

Hi Folk’s, this is my very first post,not to good on computers,so here goes.i bought a silver tray last week,ive tried takeing a photo of the hallmarks but its not going well,any ill try to say what the stamps are.ok, ( ID ) ( & ) ( S ) ( EINS ) ( )the last one is something like a christmas tree big at the top and small at the bottom,im not even into silver it was just something i saw in a charity shop,i like watching dickinson on tv and kinda thooght ill have that and see.and all the stamps are in wee boxes.ive done my best to explain it ill keep trying to get a photo of it.hope to here from someone, oh and i bought it in a shop in glasgow scotland.thanks robert.( PS ) The tray also has a number stamped beside the hallmark it is ( J5045 ).does this help in anyway.PS Again,whats the point of posting something when loads of members view it but dont reply to you,shurly its not just because theres no photo you would think someone must have an idea about the stamps come on folks a wee reply would go down well.Robert.i will try to get the photo on, im just not shure of downloading that sizer cause im not shure on the computer,ive just started going on the comp,bye folks

to me it seems that it is electroplated.
ns proberly correspond to new silever or nickel silver i.e. copper or similar with a thin layer of silver on top.
&S refers to and Son