Silver trophy markings


Came across this golfing trophy in my loft
It is inscribed D.P.M Golf Club 1952. My father worked for this company. The trophy has some hallmarks stamped on it and I wonder if you could advise me regarding them. I have attached a Photograph

Kind regards

Alistair Shepherd

I believe it was made by Wakely & Wheeler, 1913, Dublin.

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What do the markings stand for & is it silver or silver plate

The silver hallmark will have a very clear and recognized pattern, like the English pattern in the item above. You can consult other English hallmark on this website here:

In general, other countries will have a national marking and have a percentage of silver, 800, 833, 900, 925 or even the word “sterling”. There are exceptions, for example Spain, it will be a star, French items will also have the head of Hermes, Minerva and variations to indicate the type of silver.

Silver-plated items will generally only have the manufacturer’s name, while silver in general will only have the manufacturer’s symbol or initials.

The trophy is sterling silver and the marks, from left to right, are:

  • Maker’s (or sponsor’s) mark of Wakely & Wheeler
  • HIbernia, identifying the Dublin Assay Office
  • Harp, guarantee of sterling silver
  • Date letter, S for 1913/14


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