Silver Trowel

I have a silver trowel inscribed Presented to Mrs Moscrop for laying the corner stone of the Hut Hotel, Wisley Surrey 1875

The trowel was made in Sheffield by Atkins Brothers

What are the sizes? what is the handle made of? does it have a box?

If possible, please post an image.



The blade is approx 6 1/2" by 3 3/4"

The handle appears to be bone[/img]
Trowel 2.jpg
Trowel 1.jpg

Does it have hallmarks?? or does it have ‘Sheffield’ and ‘Atkins Brothers’ written on it?? If there are hallmarks, can you post an image so that we can determine the year of manufacture.



It has Hall marks that date it to Sheffield 1884 - 85

The inscription is August 5th 1885

Also makers mark is HA in box with corners rounded

I cannot get a clear photo of the hallmarks because of the decorative engraving.

There is no box with it

Well, based on your information, I would suggest a value of around £200.

Hope that helps