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Silver watch with unusual markings

The standard markings of Lion, Leopard and date letter seem to suggest a date of 1870/71 according to a book I borrowed from the library, but I cannot find anything about the top stamp which is a cross with curved ends and triangles in between. I have been unable to identify the maker, which could be IH, DH or possibly LH. The inner cover has the same marks with the addition of the number 8614 underneath the leopard and date letter. The watch face is quite beautiful, and although I have a key, the watch does not appear to work. Does anyone have information?

It is most likely that the maker’s initials are IH for John William Hammon, a well-known case-maker. I have seen the circular mark before on watch cases but don’t know the significance, if any.


Thank you, Phil. It does seem that the maker is John William Hammon the second. I am still on the hunt for the significance of the circle and cross and will post here if I have any luck.

Kind Regards,