Silvermaker Pallotti

Does anyone ever heard about silvermaker “Pallotti” before? Any information would be greatly appreciated.

Not necessarily the same Pallotti but this link might help. However I note that you do not show an Italian silver mark which might rule this person out.


Thanks Phil. I don’t know what to belive. I think this set was made before the classic Italian mark of the 20th century entered in use (1934), the lozenge mark identifying the silversmith number (+/- fascio) and the province. The style and also the tehnique indicates to the end of the 19th century or the first quarter of the 20th century. I found a piece made in the same style here ( ). The mark from the first picture attached intrigues me, I’ve never seen it.

The style of your tea set looks like a somewhat Germanized version of French Rococo, and that makes me think it may be from Hanau, Germany. Hanau has been a metalworking center for centuries, and in the 19th century specialized in reproducing styles from all over Europe, adorned with a kind of ‘anything goes’ marking system that made up hallmarks to go with the style of the ware. Pallotti might be a retailer’s name. I would look at Hanau ware for a matching pattern or anything marked with a similar bell mark.

Thank you Nadine. This version of yours seems well founded. The bell mark or something similar also appears on the object in this link (Antique Italian Silver and Glass Centrepiece or Basket at 1stDibs). I will try to find more information about the atypical markings used in Hanau.