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Silverplate spoon marks

Hi, would anyone know about my two teaspoons given to me by my father?

They have clear markings, the maker ‘Haywood’ in a round ended stamp. Letter C in a square stamp. EP in an oval (presumably for electroplate) and a Kettle in a sheild stamp. Cant find much other than maybe Joseph Haywood & Company circa 1890 from sheffield.

One of these spoons (which incidetly are fiddle pattern with shoulders) has the handle bent like a ladle at approx 40 degrees, and appears to have been always like this with no distortion to the bowl. Does this sound likely? And would it be for sugar?

Anything would be interesting, thanks.


the second spoon u refer to sounds like a feeding spoon for a baby, have a look on google images for ‘antique feeding spoon’ and you may find it looks like it.

Hi and thanks for the reply! The feeding spoons I have seen tend to have a curled round stem on them, almost looking like caddy spoons. This is a normal teaspoon just with the handle angled so the bowl is level when the handle is pointing at 40 degrees up! :smiley: