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Silverplated Christening Cup - Circa 1915

I have my late mother’s (93) Christening Cup which I believe to be some type of metal (pewter?) that is silver plated. It stands 7cm high (2.75inches) and the same in diameter. It has a single handle and the only design work on the circular surface is a raised leaf that branches out left and right and extends to about 3/4 the way up the side. This has created a “hollow” between the branches and the word MARY has been engraved within. It has the Homan Mfg Co imprint on the bottom with its rope entwined anchor within the circle. The number below this is 3504.
The cup is no longer perfectly circular and the base has a lip that seems as though the sides were mounted on the base with a small gap/space between the side and the base. This gap has been impacted closed/bent in a number of places around the base (children tend to bang cups). I have deliberately refrained from cleaning it as I am unsure if I would damage it some way.
The pics I have are too large in kbits to be posted for viewing…sorry.
I would like to confirm its vintage and get a rough idea as to its worth. Any assistance would be gratefully appreciated.