Silverplated tray

Silver plated - electro plated items are they worth to maintain and restore? Well it is newer worth the $ value to restore. But why not use things as they are?
I bought this silverplated - with no silver left due to the engraving. Given to a couple at ther silveraniversery - 25 years of marriage in 1896 on May 2nd. I find it butifull - dont know the people but I only pays 38danish kr = 7$ for a piece of history.
It is usefull and it is nice - and someone have used it since 1896 and they might think that it was nice memories, stories, history etc. etc.
What do you think?

And when you have given it a thought then go to this and read about my Austrian tray- Home → What’s it worth? → Austrian tray - value? worth anything?
is the Austrian better? what du you think?

but here is the electro plated.

dont know how to add multiple images.
So I cannot

and the engraving in Danish
A Olsen og Hustru
fra Dragerforeningen
1871 - 2. Maj -1896

in english “A. Olsen and Wife from Dragerforeningen…”

Well - No doubt it is a very beautiful pc. ! - :slight_smile: - I only hope ours turn out as well, after their polishing!!

I just read the rest of the thread ,after admiring your tray,on the subject of values.

Hope I am not intruding, as no debate is meant from my end, but hope you all don’t mind my sharing some thoughts on this subject,especially since I am a novice collector of silver (I have more glass than anything else,until my grandmother started cleaning her house out the past couple of months)
I think we all would like to know the value of our pcs. in general. Whether they be silver pcs. or any other collectable, antique, or family heirloom we are blessed with. Especially by novices such as myself, who haven’t a clue as to what they are doing …

I would imagine there are several reasons for most wondering about the values of their pcs. - first & foremost I believe is ‘human nature’ - :slight_smile: -, or possibly aprox. insurance values, and even monetary value if someone should get into an unexpected financial situation - [size=9]Afterall, many of us have been there at some time in our lives-./size] -,and in most instances, like myself who have just received new pcs. from a relative & feel a sincere curiosity in finding out everything you can about a pc. I am so curious about and I treasure, have sentimental value and/or family history, or just “because” - Guess that falls under the human nature reason I mentioned above -:smiley: -LOL !

I also think the hardest part is finding the right people to give accurate values of individual pcs.- They can vary so drastically from on area to another, and most importantly from person to person, as well as the demand of the market at the time - At least this is what I seem to have learned in my own research, time and again, since my Granmotherhas been passing on so many pcs. to my family, as of late - Many we want to keep for sentimental reasons - others we will sell for lack of space and/or ability to properly preserve such beautiful pcs. of history.

Some who may have an idea of value often feel there is a liability concern, should a value be off base, but again IMHO in a forum such as this, after reading the terms, etc. I assumed there is a disclaimer, so IMO there should be less concern/fear about sharing values with novices, such as myself, who thru our research, if only for comparisons. Or maybe add an appraisors page that shares links that have been helpful to others who are involved in this forum. Maybe there is and i just haven’t found it, as of yet :slight_smile:!

Personally,so far I have had a wonderful experiance on this forum with friendly people willing to share great information, very helpful tips, and the joy of sharing similar interests. Although values would be a great addition, whether values are shared or not this forum is still very helpful, with a wealth of information, and great fun in learning some of the history of the pcs. that have been given to me.
I hope haven’t overstepped in sharing my thoughts, especially being new here, as I so enjoy being able to share ‘my finds’ with others of more knowledge of my newly found interest :slight_smile:

Value is difficult - and what value? This bonboniere is by Martial Fray, Silversmith in Paris between 1849 and probably 1861. It has a weight of 400 grams.
The silver value would be approx 100$. The value as an antique is around 200$ in current condition. As you can see it is broken - a piece is missing - I have it but it has broken off. The silver contenth is 950 so it contains more silver than sterling which is 925.
If I go to at silversmith the repair would cost between 100 and 150$

But the value of a fully repaired thing in good condition would never be 350$

So it will never be repaird. The best we can do is to keep the small item that has broken off.
IMG_1641_låg inde.JPG
IMG_1640_fra siden.JPG

the top from outside.

Picture nr 2 is the condition that I bought it in. Then pictures where I have polished. Very carefully, very carefully, very carefully - dont want to destroy more. The bowl inside should be blue - it is not original and it is orange - from Hadeland Norway - should be blue and frensh.

And yes I have paid 10$ for it in May 2007. Knowledge is the key word 8)
IMG_1643_pudse igang.JPG