Silversmiths initials don’t fit with lower case b date?

I am new to this group and would greatly appreciate any help with the markings i have on my silver mirror. It is hallmarked with the initials HM then an anchor, lion, and a lower case b.

You will have to post a picture of the marks to get an informed answer.

I don’t see any problem here. HM is Henry Matthews and the hallmark is Birmingham 1901. Matthews’s mark was registered in 1893 and certainly appears until at least 1930.


Thanks for that Phil.
Do you think there is any value to the mirror? as it’s not in the best condition it’s been stuffed in my cupboard fo

There is certainly intrisic value in the silver and the mirror looks in good condition so you might find a market for it. If it came right down to it you could always strip out the mirror and any fittings and sell the silver for scrap - although it would be a terrible shame to do so.

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Many thanks for your help Phil😀