Simpson H.M. & Co. teapot

Bought this teapot at a local fleamarket, love the shape and it’s vintage charm. It is in very good condition, no mars, dents or scratches. I would like to learn the pattern name, age of the teapot and worth. I really like it no matter what but am very curious about it’s history as I have not seen anything like this style elsewhere.

the only markings found are on the bottom -

                 Manufactured and plated by 
                 Simpson H. M & Co. 

Also curious to know the years that this company was in business, so far have only been able to find the beginning date of 1866.

***have photo but having difficulty getting it to post

Hi ellemarie and thanks for joining us. The Simpson, Hall, Miller & Co. of Wallingford, Connecticut was, as you note, formed in 1866 and made electroplated goods. The company became part of the International Silver Co. in 1898. If your pot does not have the “I.S.” as part of the marks then we could assume it was made between 1866 and 1898 because my books show the Simpson, H, M & Co. marks to include some reference to the fact that the company became part of International Silver after 1898.


Uncle Vic

no markings for I.S. - any idea of value, or pattern name? Thank you for identifying the time period. Also do you have any idea what the 4100 means?

The 4100 is the pattern or model number. American silverplated items such as this have little commercial value and yours, in excellent condition, would be worth in the range of $50-100 at retail. I’m sure it would be worth more to you as a keepsake. Look up Simpson, H, M, & Co. on and see if you can find the pattern name.


Uncle Vic

Thank you very much for the information. I do plan on just keeping the teapot for my own use, I loved it no matter the worth, just curious due to the age and didn’t want to use it daily if it was a more valuable piece.