Sliver plate(?) cocktail shaker hallmark help...

Hi, I’ve had an antique silver (plate I presume) cocktail shaker for some time. It’s a beautiful, classic design & gets used quite a lot & out of curiosity I’ve been trying to identify the marks on the base but I’ve had no success. It was made by Gaskell and Chambers in Birmingham. Can anyone help me identify what the markings are? I’ve got a few pictures that may help.


Many thanks

Between “B’HAM” and “MADE IN ENGLAND” is “E P [crown] N S”, so your cocktail shaker is silver plated (EPNS = electro-plated nickel silver).

You have probably already discovered that Gaskell & Chambers were specialist bar equipment makers and are still in existence as IMI Cornelius (UK) Ltd, Gaskell & Chambers Division, in Wigston, Leicester.

Thanks for the info. I wrongly assumed that silver plate had an equivalent to a hallmark. I thought that the elaborate EPNS was a date or manufacturers mark. Never mind, it’s still a lovely item & makes great cocktails.

Many thanks for your help.