Slver plated bowl with the mark of the beaver

[color=blue]Can someone please help me identify this bowl. I found something about the beaver mark on the web in “The Finial” but it was about flatware. Would like to know something definitive and if it is of any value. This bowl was bought in Scotlan may years ago…the 50s.
PS: I am a newbie
silver 008.jpg
silver 016.jpg

these are the views of a newbee as well for what they’re worth
Are you sure that the beaver is not a lion which has been partially rubbed due to polishing? The setting and location of the 4 marks suggests a silver hallmark
I say this as the other marks could be for sheffield (Crown) - JS&S (J Sherwood & Sons - ref and the letter B for 1944.
If I’m correct you have a nice piece

Helloo its me again with the not so good news. Very Sorry about building your hopes up.
I had a further look in my EPNS marks book and found your mark
it is for John Sherwood and sons of Birmingham who used this mark on electroplate from1858 to 1896 according to my book

Hi all,
did anybody get to the bottom of the " [color=red]Beaver" mark??
I have a small coin plate in my collection with the “Beaver” mark on it it also has M&S one side and AI on the the other side. I have never seen this before and was hoping someone could help me to identify the mark. Thanks for reading this :laughing:

Several British silverplate manufacturers used a “Beaver” mark.

M&S is Joshua Maxfield & Sons of Sheffield England.

my plate also have these marks but i havnt seen any others that, like mine, have a larger carving of the beaver above the hall mark. what could this mean then?