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Small Candelabra from Italy - Help with Marks

I really hope someone here has seen this mark before.
I have posted to three other forums, and no one has been able to identify it.
Please let me know if I have posted in the wrong section, I wasn’t sure which one I should post in.
I have a small candelabra that is 3.5 inches tall x 4.5 inches wide.
Inside of the bottom there is a raised mark that says “ITALY”.
Also on the inside (opposite from “ITALY”) is a mark that looks like either overlapping S’s or maybe a Pinwheel or Windmill.
I have no idea what it is.
Does anyone happen to know what this mark means?
Is this silver or silverplate?
I would greatly appreciate any help or advice on this.
Thank you!
candle 1.JPG
candle 3.JPG
candle 2.jpg