Small round pot with decorative lid

Does anyone know what this is? And possibly what it might be worth?
2014-03-30 20.02.40 (2).jpg
2014-03-30 20.02.04 (2).jpg
2014-03-30 20.01.46 (2).jpg

Maybe a burner of some sort. Possibly for incense? Is there a hallmark?

This is what is on the bottom.
2014-03-30 20.04.18 (2).jpg
2014-03-30 20.03.18 (2).jpg

So now we can see the mark of the Rockford Silver Plate Co. This tells us that your pot is not silver; it therefore has no intrinsic value, merely decorative and utility value. I would agree with the idea of an incense burner. Are the supplementary handles pierced? If so it could be suspended to increase the spread of the smoke.